Mega traditional folk song & dance festival held


Mega traditional folk song & dance festival held
IMPHAL, Jan 14
Allied Science and Social Development Organisation, Poiroukhongin on Friday organised a "Mega traditional folk song & dance festival of all communities of Manipur for unity & integrity" at Western Youth Club Poiroukhongin playground.
The event was sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, North Central Zone Cultural Centre.
It was attended by K Inaocha Devi, Tulihal ZP member; K Sanathoiba Sharma, Sangeet Natak Akademi awardee and Director, Huyen Lallong Manipur Thang-Ta Cultural Association, Irilbung; and Md Abdul Khalique, pradhan Tulihal GP as presidium members.
Speaking on the occasion, K Sanathoiba Sharma stated that the event was organised to promote unity and integrity between all the communities residing in the state.
The dignitaries also enlightened the gathering on the importance of preserving traditional folk song & dance.
Traditional folk song and dance performance by groups from various communities including Maring, Tangkhul , Chiru, Kabui, Anal, Chothe, Meitei, etc marked the occasion.