JAC urges

IMPHAL, Jan 14 : A joint meeting of the JAC formed in connection with the killing of Abujam John and Abujam Sashikanta, civil society and student organisations have condemned the State Government and Manipur police for  their 'inability' to fulfil even a small portion of the public demand to deliver justice. During the meeting, resolutions to urge the State Government and authority concerned to book the culprits on or before January 16 and to launch a stern agitation from January 17 were taken.
The meeting also asked on what grounds the  two deceased were labelled as BJP workers by the State Government hastily and  urged the latter to clarify at the earliest.
The JAC and the other participants of the meeting also resolved to open Mayai Lambi till January 15 in view of the Emoinu and Gaan Ngai festival.