Inferno reduces Fishery quarters to cinders


Inferno reduces Fishery quarters to cinders
Mungchan Zimik
Ukhrul, Jan 14 : A devastating fire which broke out  in the wee hours of today at Fishery quarters of Ukhrul town reduced two buildings to cinders. The quarters are located  at Phungreitang and the fire broke out at about 3.30 am.
The fire started from a quarter occupied by staff Suiyingchon Athary and it soon spread and engulfed the adjacent house of Fishery officer AS Somingam. Altogether six rooms were gutted in the fire.
The exact cause of the fire is yet to be ascertained.
When the fire broke out, an occupant at Athary’s house and the family of Somingam living next door were woken up by the smoke and toxic smell emanating from the raging fire.
Explosion of LPG gas cylinders added to the intensity of the inferno and engulfed the whole quarters in a short time.
According to the two families living in the quarter, the fire destroyed assets  worth Rs 30-40 lakh including (furnitures, valuable ornaments, cellphones, TVs, documents and cash amounting to Rs 5.5 lakh).
No physical harm or human casualty is reported.
Personnel of Ukhrul Fire Brigade rushed to the spot and helped to douse off the raging inferno before it spread further to other close buildings and averted more damages.