For sons and daughters

Depiya Thoudam

Just for some quick money in pocket
Oh! selfish and foolish human beings
The numerous holes dug up as traps
Filled with drugs and intoxicants

Camouflaging as gateways to ecstasy
Luring thousands innocent children
What could be more sinful than this?
Many precious sons and daughters

Who were born skinned only with love
 Nurtured with nutrients drawn from
Mother’s own flesh bones and blood
Are today drowning in these holes

No matter how much their parents
Wanted them to stay and carry on life
They are leaving the world way too early
With deep scars on their parents’ heart

Hopes wasted and dreams shattered
Should not they be playing with friends
Happily and freely in the open fields?
Doesn’t it hurt to see drugs and toxicants

Running freely through their young veins?
How many sons and daughters have to be
Sacrificed to put an end to this cycle?
Is it not the time to remove these traps

Dry up and fill up these hole traps forever
So that sons could spread their wings
Fly high and grab every opportunity
So that daughters could bloom fully
Bear fruits housing the seeds of tomorrow?

Oh ! Selfish and foolish human beings
Open eyes now or else it would be too late
These precious sons and daughters
Should not be lost like stars in a cloudy night sky
They deserve to shine bright like diamonds.