General election in hard times

Dr Ranbir Laishram

Oh, Brethren of the 'Jewelled Land'!
Amid concern of Omicron Covid surge,
Senseless brawl in the field,
Echo of cry and grief for loss of loved ones,
People's voice for justice and peace,
Hope against hope for a free and fair poll,
And for a new era,
Election is at our door.

With a heavy heart, looking at the horizon,
The view is unclear and dusty.
Pre-poll analysis and voice in mass media,
Pleading for justice and humility,
Silence of the so-called wise, intellectuals,
Amid slogans of leaders for peace and harmony and promises of a new homeland,
People's mindset in their same old box.

The journey, I firmly believe, is a rough one.
Somehow, we will travel with much ache
and it will cost us dearly.
We will lose our loved ones, a few more,
Animosity will prevail amidst people,
A price of our ignorance and stupidity.
Will we ever come to our senses,
before it is too late !

If democracy is for liberty and equality,
Then, we are miles behind.
If we continue to exchange our votes
for money, meals and fake promises,
If we fight for party values, and ignore human values,
And treasure our votes more than our lives,
We'll continue to suffer bitterly on the climb.

As time ticks away, polling day will arrive,
Tough times of election will pass by,
The inevitable will happen, either way.
But,the flashback of absurd brawl will continue to haunt our minds,
With a wish for a revival of justice,
Let us remember, one single vote can change the centre stage of democracy.