High performing individuals work alone

Dr Sumedha Kushwaha
To the fire in you that ceases to die, reaffirm to it that the fear in you is not bigger than all the demons that you face outside. These demons are all inside the mind which tell you your own worth. You are special, a piece of work that has been created by the Universal powers with utmost perfection. If you feel deficient or devoid, it’s because you are judging yourself with the eyes of the mortal beings and hence are putting a wrong price to yourself.
You have to look into your eyes and meet your soul, you have to let the hard times pass, it’s difficult, very difficult yet you to have always keep your faith in place to meet the person inside - who is ready to become the best version. This struggle, this hustle that is inside of you is good. It will surely take you out of your known realms of comfort and warmth. Metaphorically speaking, it is important that you face hardship because when its cold- the water turns into ice- and only then can you carve it and craft it into a mural. For if there is extreme warmth and comfort, the water evaporates and becomes vapor. There is only one life with which you can do everything. If you keep playing safe, you will play only so much. But it is when you defy the norms and do something extraordinary that you will recall your journey.
If you think that life isn’t treating you well, understand that poverty is in the phase of ideation from your cognitive conscience. If you can dream it, you can achieve it. Conditions apply as to how and when do you reach there. But the how part scares the most. Or even if they take a leap of faith and pursue their dream- the initial hardships cause them to tread back into the known. And if you expect a company in this journey- Oh Boy! Not at all.
You will be abandoned and mostly isolated. If you do not enjoy your own company- do not start on adventurous journeys because they are often the loneliest and isolated. Remember one thing- high performance individuals often work alone. They might have bigger teams to take care of- but in their heads, they work alone.
And it might not be even clear to you, that why are you on this journey- but if your gut tells you that you are on the right path, stay there because that’s the best GPS you have. Keep using the re-center feature by checking how far you have come. That tool will keep you motivated to do better and bigger.
Success is not a destination, it’s a constant journey. Redefine it for yourself- call it a process of becoming better than before, an initiative of taking complete responsibility of self and others, of going an extra mile to provide service to whom you cater, working an hour extra, conquering your fear or simply acknowledging a mistake. Make smaller and tangible goals to put it in perspective and you will see how your own demons will get smaller. Take baby steps for your own progress and keep going. Every mile counts when you reach the final destination.
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