Lament of love

M Minakshi Devi

He belonged to dusk, she preferred dawn.
His existence meant for darkness, she waited for brightness.
He was a weapon to chill, her task was to heal.
He acted to share fear, her actions were full of care.

Looked, they were not meant for each other.
Destiny but played its role, them to unite, rather.
The two poles, so apart and so diverge,
Commenced to feel a serene sense of love, to converge,
To form a lovely link, that's harmonious.

As land and sky but can merge never,
Destiny proved to be deceiver for them, forever.
The souls at two poles, those  knitted by a thick thread,
Soon sought liberty, bondage to shed.

Illusive love of the conflicted beings that was beyond any realm,
Seen slowly fading away with regretful whelm.
Painful yells of their somber souls,
Aroused by bites of repulsion, alike pricks by thorny herb,
Turned out to become a lament of love.