In the stillness of the night

Dr Ranbir Laishram
As the sun sets at the horizon,
And darkness engulfs the green oval valley,
In the stillness of the night,
When all the world is at its rest
And Mother Nature in tranquil slumber,
But, her children are in eerie feeling
Of fear and uncertainty.

In the dead of the night,
Time passes by slowly,
for a mournful mother,
Who lays alone in bed and cry.
Tears on her pillow,
And a heart filled with grief,
In all of her searching for solace
She can't find any.

So deep is the pain inside her heart,
Though she smiles and laughs,
Her pain she can't hide.
Nothing under the sun,
Can bring comfort to this mother,
Who's lost her son in the pre-poll brawl.
So,in the silence of the night,
When all the world's asleep,
This mother lays awake and weeps
Hope against hope for her son to return.