Being free from freedom

Dr Sumedha Kushwaha
Let’s move with some moving words known by all – only the disciplined ones are free in life, the day you are indisciplined, you will become a slave to your moods & passion. Most to all have been drowning with or growing with the idea of freedom as ‘breaking rules.’ Is that the reality of freedom ? Is being unchained what humans call ‘practicing freedom ?’
Lately, over my tiny wall of my apartment which is on the 21st floor in the heart of downtown Toronto, Canada – this little concept of putting up a white board where I pen down for constitutionalizing my routine seems to be giving me a freedom I never had before. To all reading – from schools to offices, from hostels to homes – all must have gone through this simple idea of wanting to go on a vacation by leaving everything that you have been doing, with the whole expectation of getting the utmost freedom.
Now, this very idea of hunting for life’s freedom by practicing detachment with no responsibilities is just a concept which is far away from the reality. I am not here trying to preach about any religion but principles do bring freedom at times for principles does put your soul over your moods and passion. Discipline is nothing but keeping up our worship over routine. Adding on – discipline will help you understand freedom. Freedom is not about detachment but attachment over something with your control and consent. A waving flag is most of the time pushed to represent freedom but none talks about the discipline that the flag maintains with the pole to control the flag’s fabric by giving consent to the wind.
I know humans are known for manipulating ‘consent’ – in the name of ‘perspectives.’ For instance, people voice about the best time being the present but none seem to know that the best time to plant a tree was 25 years ago and today is the second-best time. In a way of those – most have manipulated the word freedom for something that is so opposite.
Wrapping up – why humans have been manipulative ? The biggest answer lies in ‘maintaining comfort.’ People’s smartness has now gone into nothing but maintaining comfort. They are busy constructing things that fit them, not becoming something that fits all. Just like the truth will never find its place in a comfort zone, you also will never find your wings in your comfort zone. Be in comfort or be confronted.
Then does everyone have the same drawing boards of freedom or discipline ? Here comes adjustment, here comes struggle – people have been seeing freedom as a price which has already led to two world wars.
As also the saying goes, “Give a man enough rope and he will hang himself.” Then freedom known by most also does need to have limitations. People think – with greater power comes greater freedom of what they know only. So, with greater power, comes greater freedom of discipline and greater responsibilities. Higher you go, you will be bound with your own responsibilities and lower you go, you will be bound by other’s responsibilities.
Freedom is not a price but a collectively accepted discipline. Only vacations are not to be seen as freedom or dropping out of college for five times doesn’t give up more freedom, it’s just that you are enslaved to your moods. Wanna know your short cut to freedom ? Buy a white board today and write all you need to do and you need it to happen. Empower your control and consent – trust me, in the next moment you will find yourself willing to go out of your comfort zone.