Contribution of Leimayol Arts Centre in the field of art & culture in Manipur

Irom Calvin
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Imphal in 2000 under the initiative of (L) Irom Gya- neswar Mangang, Ex President of LAC. The first ever souvenir of this centre was also released on 23rd April, 1991 as a part of Khongjom Day celebration of this centre under the presidentship of (L) Maisnam Jitendra Singh, Ex President of LAC.
Presently, the Khongjom Lal play is broadcast by the All India Radio (AIR), Imphal on every Khongjom Day Celebration. Initially for a very long period of time span LAC, Chinga-makha was unable to participate at the national level competitions and festivals as it was not recognized by Sangeet Natak Academi, New Delhi, but later in the year 2002 after a long awaited time it was recognized by the Sangeet Natak Academi, New Delhi and got its support for the production of new drama plays. The initiative and process for the recognition of this centre to the Sangeet Natak Academi was carried out by the Board of Directors of LAC during the presidentship of (L) Irom Gyaneswar Mangang, Ex President of LAC.
The centre has been running all the drama plays and the necessary requirements or salaries of the artists and directors with the financial assistance and support from the Sangeet Natak Academi, New Delhi, Department of Art & Culture, Manipur, Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India, MLA Local Area Development Fund and the contributions and donations that are being given by the general public for the development of art & culture in the State. Recently, in the year 2019 during the presidentship of Sagatpam Tomba Meetei, two salary grants were also sanctioned by Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India.
For the past 50 years, Leimayol Arts Centre, Chingamakha has continuously strived to achieve a high standard of theatre production and this has reaped rich dividends in the form of various awards and laurels won by this centre at the State and the National level theatre festivals and competitions. Without discarding the traditional theatre style of Manipur, the centre has adapted to the modern theatre forms and production styles and has produced experimental plays infusing different elements of rich art forms of the State, which had won critical acclaims in different drama festivals.
All the above achievements was successfully achieved by the able guidance of the distinguished Gurus/Directors of this centre namely, (L) Haobam Amuba Singh, (L) Haobam Ibotombi Singh, (L) Irom Nabakanta Singh, (L) Thoudam Nodiya Singh, (L) Loitongbam Manijao Singh, (L) Thokchom Shyam Singh, Laishram Prakash Singh, Ashem Seityabanta Singh, (L) Kiran Meikam and Oinam Sharmila Chanu.
With the increase and development of Artificial Intelligence in today’s society, the drama and theatre plays have been decreasing day by day.
Nowadays people from different regions all across the globe usually prefer using electronic devices for watching films, movies, dramas and plays.
People have stopped coming to theatre auditoriums for watching dramas and plays due to the strong developing flow of new technologies. In order to revive and save the theatre, we need to give an awareness of the knowledge of rich culture of Art and Theatre to the youths of today’s generation for the betterment and for preservation of the Arts and Culture which were the dreams and aims of the people in the early days of life.
Culture is the only way in which one can develop a region by unifying among the people and to spread the knowledge and feeling of peace, unity and integrity to the society.