The art of New Year’s resolution

Birkarnelzelzit Thiyam
Therefore, I lived, therefore I smiled, therefore I loved, hence I now get the curtain to unfold into the realm of the new beginning. Though I cried, though I at times lost the will, though I got weaker at times, though I hated a lot of mornings, though I hated the rain and never missed the sunshine, here I am drawn with no uncanny iotas into the wilderness of what I call the looped beginning. The ending of yesterday was just a second away from the new beginning of tomorrow – but the journey till the circular end was witnessed by the 12 strong months.
Neither you nor me love to waste time beating around the bush – so, here we are leaving the crazy first paragraph – with a lot of resolutions taken over the shoulder for this year. Ask me what have I resolved for myself ? Hmmm ! This time I have more of how I should be than to ask for what I want to happen in life. I have surrendered all wills and keys of happenings to the creator for I now only lean on the realities of the ugly processes. The fruit that the unjudged tree bears is/was never like the soil or the water. So, just asking for what I want won’t be the best of all ideas to get the resolutions checked. To be a singer, learning how to gargle with warm water, learning how to ride or drive vehicles, learning how to have a good PR skill, learning how to speak and write English, learning how to have a good financial management, learning how to be a great fashionista would surely help you in the long run. But nothing seems to be a thing that would ignite that amazing voice. So, to get what we want in life–at times we need to work on a lot of unrelated things, we need to spoon-feed our soul to look sideways for a lot of extras.
So, now, this year – all that I am asking for is to have an open mind and an unlocked heart to throw myself away from my main-stream leading to just what I want to be by learning a lot more that will surely fabricate my bearing to lessen the frictions that might border and bother me in the ‘nexts’ to come. And to all my readers, what I am wording out today might be something you might have heard or read of but trust me – knowing what’s needed to a great man and doing what’s needed plays on two sides of the river.
Practically, in a few weeks–the third wave will again ‘slow to stop’ the functions around. Yes – it ain’t just a forced holiday, it bears depression and thus a lot of stress, resolutions taken on 1st JAN will meet a lot of questions but trust me on what I projected earlier. Try to work on yourself rather than on what’s happening off the grid. As I said for this year, “this time I have more of how I should be than to ask for what I want to happen in life.” If you don’t really have a strong resolution of how you should be–a lot of pressures from outside will break you. We are now all a part of a pandemic that will be heavily paged in the history of mankind that will trigger fear to a lot who recall.
I won’t really cry for the unknown but nurture my capabilities to change the wheel of my mind to be stronger than last year. I will learn from the stories of how external cries can hurt the voice of strength from within. This should be the year for all to understand the strength of inner-callings, and never let the noises from the third wave crumble your piled-up resolutions.
The writer is an International Awardee and also a major in International Business Marketing from Algonquin, Ottawa, Canada. He is also the Managing Director & Chief Marketing Officer of Khoihee Industries, regd. under the directorate of industries and commerce, Government of Manipur. He can be reached at birkarnelzelzitthiyam3073 his motivational videos on YouTube at LWB Show. Whatsapp 9310065882 for talking or sharing anything with the writer.