It’s Election Time Again !

Dr Ranbir Laishram

Amid - fear of Omicron surge,
Mindless brawl and clamour for party ticket,
Diverse slogans of the party leaders,
Law and power in indomitable hands,
And night long lament of mothers...
Election time is at our doorstep.

The colorful flags and posters,
Tested old faces and new ones,
No more in sight,
On the sidewalk walls and medians.
The absurdity of slogans and posters,
Well aware by the sensible public.

My thoughts hover around,
The importance of casting vote,
for someone I admire most.
Should I follow the majority
Or my own choice based of my intuitive mind and logic.

The festive election season,
Most people enjoying the melee,
Some in solitude, bewildered...
Still others toil to make ends meet,
The opening of schools, a wish,
The fervent prayer for parents.

The last five year lost in doldrums,
Tall promises in the waste bin of autocrats
Another five year in the hands of people,
Hoping against hope for a better life,
Can the masses make both ends meet,
Leaving beside prosperity !

It’s time to wake up from the slumber,
To choose the leader to lead us on,
Oh, Populace ! A want for change in thought
Is not just enough.
The need of the hour, to join hands,
And make a visible change by voting.