Questions worth pondering before polls Queuing up for BJP

Would the BJP have come to power at Imphal, or more correctly, would they have been given the chance to form the Government after the 2017 Assembly election if the BJP was not in power at New Delhi ? Would Manipur have seen so many intending BJP candidates in different Assembly Constituencies if the BJP was not in power, either at Delhi or Imphal ? Would Congress MLAs have left the party, if the party was in power here ? These questions are relevant to all, but most importantly to the BJP Ministers, BJP MLAs  and the important office bearers of the State BJP unit, lest egoism blinds them to the circumstances in which they came to power here and how it is now well placed to return to power. To many it is not a question of striking a chord with the ideology of the BJP nor with its style of functioning which have led them to line up for the party’s ticket ahead of the Assembly election and this is something which nearly five years in power at Imphal should not blind those who have been with the saffron party for decades, much before they became a political force to be reckoned with in Manipur. Political equations may be calculated using different methods and approaches, but one line that will run through all the approaches and methods is the point that it is the Congress which has been at the receiving end. Here it is also interesting to note that five years out of power at Imphal has meant not only making a beeline for the saffron party but also other party, which has a chance of being at the power centre after the Assembly election and this is what may be read into the decision of former Congress MLA D Korungthang to join the Naga People’s Front, which is very much an ally of the ruling front led by the BJP. On the other hand is the case of a former MLA of the NPP, who was also a Minister in the BJP led Government to boot, resigning from the NPP to join the saffron party. Change of political affiliations and political colours and this hop, step and jump game will only add more colour to the Assembly election.
The last word on party hopping may yet to be said, for none can rule out the possibility of those waiting in the departure lounge of the Congress party. When will such a time come is a question that has been doing the round among keen political observers for quite some time now and this is what has made the run up to the election all that more colourful, adding that extra bit of tense moments. The run up to the Assembly election has so far been interesting very interesting and other than those who are already MLAs, the people must have witnessed and marked the change of affiliations of some intending candidates, who have changed sides from being near to the Congress, then NPP and then finally to join the BJP ! Aptly fits the description of having breakfast as a member of Y Party, having lunch as a member of X party and then going to bed as a member of Z party. This is the ugly reality, even before the vote has been cast and even before the different political parties have announced the list of candidates. The presence of so many intending candidates all with an eye on a ticket of the BJP has only made things more unpredictable and the important question is what the rest would do when the list is announced, for the party can choose only one candidate in each Assembly segment. Friendly contest or ? Manipur is certainly caught up in the election fever and more exciting and interesting days may be ahead.