Justice, Peace and Change—A New Year's Resolution

Dr Ranbir Laishram
Can there be any justice
If we sit, and gossip idly by
Càn there be any peace and harmony
If we continue to brawl each other
Can there be any hope for change
It we don't endeavour with new ideas
Can there be any decision for action
If we don't sort out our social barriers
Can there be any resurrection
If we don't discuss current issues
Can there be good governance
If we don't remove exploitation and nepotism
The task is not for one troupe
Injustice affects all class of people
The same is true in policy
Whether on the left and on the right
We must thrive beyond levels
A shared vision is what we need
This is a time of challenge
And much tasks need be done
A wish to make ourselves better
We must rise above narrow domestic walls
If we are to find a true change
First,we must stand in solidarity