Happy 2022 to you !

Dr Sumedha Kushwaha
The first few days of any new year bring with it multiple resolutions and promises to our own self. Some people resolve to get fitter, some want to become richer and financially independent, few pledge to go on a vacation and what not. The list is endless and so our promises. But in reality, what happens ? Are we able to sustain that vigor for the entire year ? Are we able to make the next 364 days this fresh and bubbly, the way we start ? Not usually. We start big and in full force but gradually we all fizz out and our resolves become bland too.
If you are like me too, resolving in your journal the things you want to do in 2022 and thinking if these wishes will survive- try doing that using a vision board. A vision board is nothing but a piece of paper on which you paste the things you want- it could be your new car, a beautiful girlfriend, a job, a promotion in the company, a house or anything that’s tangible and has a picture. Print your stuff or cut pictures of these things and paste them on this sheet. And then just keep it somewhere you can have a look at it every day.
Sound easy but it is not that simple, it’s a bit more technical than this. The key here is to believe what is said in the Bible- “Whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it and, it will be yours” Mark 11.24. Our mind at times doesn’t believe in what we want. The moment you learn to tame that giant, that is when you realize that you have cracked the game. Let the speed of your thought slow down, let your mind believe that what you are asking for is definitely yours- you are sure to get it. Why our desires do not come true is because we think these are still wishes and not a reality for us. The person who fails in life is the one who has failed in the mind, not on ground. Similarly, the game is first won in mind and then all strategies and plans work.
Resolutions are good, they pave a way to a better future, they keep you focused and grounded to the realities. Small successes in the way are like goal posts which serve as a means to keep track of our progress. We underestimate their power, but they certainly have a beautiful purpose in life. So, energize yourselves, try to dream big, work harder and achiever greater. Nothing is impossible. If you can wish for it and believe that it’s already yours- it’s bound to be true. People and circumstances will be there to make your wish a reality.
I whole heartedly convey “Happy New Year” to all readers. May this year bring peace, happiness, success and prosperity in all your lives. May you all live happily, brighten up lives of people around you and think positively.
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