Money flying in or out ?

Free Thinker
One honourable law maker in a lighter vein asked me whether money is flying in or out.  This is election time, it is highly possible that ‘Laxmi ji’ is flying in. Normally money flies into the election bound States. Ruling parties, Non-ruling parties, National Parties, Regional parties pour in money to fulfill the election requirements of their respective parties and candidates.
As a matter of fact a good number of special flights and choppers are flying in and out perhaps because of the VIP and VVIP movements. Even some chartered planes and choppers are also hovering around the State. These are potential sources of resources. I am very optimistic about it.
I have always been in favour of bringing money into the State. Obviously it will be spent here. Whether it is for distribution or construction or repairing – fund shall be spent here; it is always welcome. Ultimately the State is the beneficiary and the people are getting the fruits. If it is clean money, that is wonderful. Money from illegitimate sources is not easily digestible.
Common people are fed up of bribery and corruption. So to check such things we need rich people as representatives - those who no longer need money. When a wealthy man or lady becomes an MLA or Minister or even CM, he or she may not try to grab the entire public money. There is possibility of installing a better Government. If people at the top are relatively honest and less corrupt, there is a bright chance of having an accountable Government.
My critics say this is a crazy idea, it may backfire – the rich and wealthy are greedier than the poor and hapless. If they come to power, they will sell away the entire State. My only reply to these pessimistic erudites is that-we can try them; no risk no gain.  My simple logic is those who have enough money, they are not crazy after money. We assume that rich MLAs may not be very greedy. They will not indulge in humongous corrupt practices. Relatively they will be clean.
The danger of offering Ministership to the rich is that they may try to earn more money. A poor Minister may be happy with some few crores. Whereas an already rich legislator may not be satisfied with a few crores. He/She may desire to have hundreds of crores. Earning hundreds of crores from legitimate business or activities is absolutely okay as long as they don't touch public/Government money. Thankfully we don’t have the millionaire & billionaire culture here.
What is happening is that public funds are swallowed without any legal or legitimate sanction. The leaders, bureaucrats, contractors, social workers and activists - they gobble up the funds as if they are the right owners of such funds. Still I believe that rich people have a big heart. In every locality they are the ones who help the poor and helpless. This is the general impression. In our society the rich normally help poor people in times of need. Some may argue that the poor are actually exploited by the rich. We are different and our culture is unique. We still help one another.
Another advantage of offering tickets to the rich is that the voters will get direct benefit, in cash or kind. Suppose in a Constituency if three affluent candidates are contesting – voters shall have a gala time. If all the candidates are extremely well-off, just imagine the amount of direct benefits and magnitude of pampering they are likely to enjoy.
Elections should be held every now and then so that people have some say every moment. MP election, MLA election, Municipality election, Panchayat election and even the Party elections should be conducted one after another. Only at the time of election common people or voters get some thing or the other, cash or kind. In my opinion elections must be held on regular intervals; if possible every year or every six months. People get some real fruits and benefits of democracy mainly at the time of elections. I am telling you the truth–now, projects are lavishly pronounced. The most futuristic being the rail line between Imphal and Moreh. I am a staunch supporter of roads & rails and trade & travels towards ASEAN.
I am deadly against the buying and selling of votes. However grabbing your legitimate share or redeeming your due at the right time is no sin. Take your due without fear or hesitation. But ensure to choose the best among the available candidates (all are not scoundrels). There are new comers with seemingly Utopian ideas, let them also try their luck. They are novice; need to learn more from Kautilya, Machiavelli, Laski, Chomsky and others. Power & Politics have never been clean in human history.
Those who share the most may be given a chance because their sharing habit will be useful in future.  I strongly believe that money ‘flying in’ is certainly more this time around. So, this is harvest time folks; do something concrete instead of wasting the resources on drinking and dining.