New TB treatment breakthroughs must reach those in-need without delay

Shobha Shukla – CNS
Contd from previous issue
“There is no such thing as a magic bullet when we are dealing with drug resistance. Any novel regimen has to be taken with the perspective of programmatic adjustments of what is needed. Moreover, there needs to be a big increase in funding for TB programming in the most hard-hit areas. We also need to see an improvement in TB diagnostics - not just in developing new technology, but also in its rollout. We need to see better awareness and we do need global development cooperation to make this work,” said Dr Tweed.
Governments worldwide have promised to end TB globally by 2030. With less than 100 months left to deliver on these goals, let us hope that this public health and human rights urgency will spur us all towards judicious use of all the novel and effective TB treatments, and fully invest in TB programming so that no one is left behind when it comes to preventing TB, diagnosing TB early, treating TB with effective medicines, ensuring cure and providing the full spectrum of care and support, given the local realities.