Youth ChangeMakers: An idea can change the world

Sumita Thapar
Contd from previous issue
Participants also got a chance to visit The Dignity Foundation, a Kuala Lumpur based social enterprise that focuses on the education of urban poor children, especially refugees. At present it is imparting quality education to 1800 children age 3-19 years. In order to sustain itself, it runs various initiatives, such as a cafe, a sewing initiative led by Burmese women, an art initiative for children, among others. “The Dignity Foundation demonstrates how changemakers can do a lot more with a lot less, and take every challenge as an opportunity,” said Dash.
Safe Abortion Day: 28 September ARROW’s work with young people has focused on addressing various challenges that beset the realisation of the full gamut of SRHR, including lack of comprehensive sexuality education and right to safe abortion. Looking at SRHR mainly within the framework of marriage poses limitations, while trafficking and sexual exploitation, as well as early and forced marriages, continue to be pressing problems. Tapping and honing the energetic talents of the youth can take us closer to addressing these issues, as shown by these young changemakers.