The human mind is somewhat of a mystery

Vijay Garg
 The human brain or brain is still a matter of mystery to some extent and a large group of scientists are engaged in its discovery. Under this discovery, for the first time, a small part of the human brain has been successful in implanting in mice. Similar experiments had been attempted before, but the body or brain of the rats did not accept the human part. The debate about morality will also intensify, but the point to be noted is that the brain was not taken from any human living or dead.
A few millimeters in diameter, pieces of human brain tissue grown in the laboratory have been transplanted into the brains of rats. It was created by researchers at Stanford University by growing human stem cells into three-dimensional clumps of tissue. These simplified brain structures, called brain organoids, contain some of the cells and properties of the real human brain, which may affect the development and neurological structure of mice. It's a big success that this time the experiment worked. It is Organoids which have made connections with the brain circuits of animals, its effect may be seen on mice in the coming days.
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