Give up on fear not dreams!

Dr Sumedha Kushwaha
Life becomes easy when we choose an option called “GIVE UP”. Numerous people can give excuses- of how they aren’t that rich/ how old they are/ how sick they are/ how they aren’t that educated etc. These help them hide behind their personalities and self-proclaimed reasons of how they can’t do it. And believe me- this is a difficult task, to find an excuse- that is a total lie and believe in it first with all your heart and then put in so much effort that others also start taking it as the truth- now that’s a lot of work! And to sell something that doesn’t even exist- it is not easy! And we find excuses for what we really want to do.
Giving up is going back- when you take a hard decision in life- there are points where you want to look back and explain to yourself how the grass was greener that side, how comforting those memories make you feel, the feeling of warmth in those ordeals make you comfortable- WHY? Because- you became accustomed to something which you didn’t like and of course change is always hard. When the unknown and what lies ahead of you is uncertain- there are times when you want to tread back, you want to retrace where you started. You wish the future doesn’t excite you anymore because so much adventure might bring fear.
Remember, as a child when we went to amusement parks- the sight of that big slide/ swing made us so excited. And you saw that there was even a big queue to ride the swing. You waited for your turn and once you are the next to ride and you see everyone shouting and screaming- that feeling of whether I should get on it or return? That made all the difference. Because if you did ride- you would know what am I talking about!
Doing the right things always makes you a bore. I am not saying violate laws or do something that hurts others. But do not conform. Conformity to what others think is right will bind you in an unknown paradigm that would lead to live a life of others not yourself. And to fully understand what you want? You need to THINK with the little mass between your ears, keeping the ears closed to the noise others make.  Do not give up because someone else thinks you can’t or you shouldn’t. Noone is responsible for your life other than yourself- not your parents or spouse or child or teachers or friends. If you choose to give up don’t blame it on others- blame it on yourself and accept that you screwed up.  
Look at people who are in love- they would do anything to be with each other. They achieve feats impossible to the human brain. They would go distances to meet their partners, fight with their folks in order to spend their life with that particular person, and would spend all their money and energy. And when we don’t like someone- it is so easy! Just say- I am busy. Do you even know what all I go through at the office to be able to enjoy a cup of coffee with you? My mother is so strict and so on. Same situation – but see how our brains know how to deal with the situation differently. Buying time to solve an issue versus finding a way out are two different things. We just don’t give up on things but also people.
Don’t give in to the temptation of going back or retreating your steps because what lies ahead of you might scare you, but if you think that’s the right thing – do it even if it turns out to be wrong. That’s the difference between those who took the ride and who didn’t. Goals, achievements, success- all this is temporary, it's a single moment- what you experience on that journey- the ordeals, insults, sleepless nights, fights, looking at challenges in their eyes and overcoming everything- that makes life. And life shouldn’t be a bore! Security is one thing and succumbing another!
Choose whether you want to give up on your dreams or give in to your fears?