Corruption down & down

Free Thinker
Jubilant to see a new police recruit with our lady leader; he spent not even 10 rupees to be selected as the police personnel.  To express his gratitude he wants to see the Hon’ble CM, hope he might have got the appointment.  Such amazing things are really happening. Without paying a bribe you are selected or appointed to the State Government Service. This is possible only in this dispensation.
According to a Saffron spokesperson the corruption level in the State has come down since the BJP-led government took charge of the State Administration. In the last 6 years or so the bribe-taking and giving cases have drastically reduced due to the fear of the stringent stand taken by the top leadership.  ‘Na Khaunga aur na khanedunga’, with this mantra or message the State leadership is also working very hard.  With a small salary and a meager Local Area Development Fund they are having a tough time - just surviving.
Many educated people are roaming here and there in search of jobs. They prefer government jobs to private ones because private jobs in the State are very unstable and fragile – as most of the private businesses in the State are run by limited resources. Only a few private establishments can provide stable jobs. In most cases, the jobs are so insured. That is the reason why people desperately run after government employment.
We have seen the action of our Rural Development Minister Shri Khemchand ji. Yelling at the officers and engineers he expressed –  “I have to resign if things are not done properly – roads are not constructed”. He is touring the hill districts these days to see the road construction works which come within the jurisdiction of his Ministry. He was giving warnings to those Contractors and Subcontractors who had taken away money without doing any reasonable work. or construction. He also said he will come back and see the progress after 15 days. People have some faith in this outspoken Taekwondo Master; such actions will repose faith in the administration.
The idea of the ‘Akash bill’ has done an immense disservice to the people, particularly to the hill inhabitants. Those who have taken away the booty, are prosperous. Buildings and houses are not constructed, schools and colleges are not built, and hospitals and dispensaries are not coming up. But the allocated money is gone. For such blatant loot, you can pull up the Contractors and Engineers. But for roads, it is difficult to catch the culprits, because roads are often washed away in rain-infested areas. Constant repair is necessary for that. But the issue is that if the Contractor or the Engineer says that they had made the road pucca just before the monsoon – they have an escape route through the rain.
 A young girl, whose late father was just like my mentor (who took me to Delhi for studies) is teaching at Hill College.  A few years back she was selected as SDC without spending a single penny.  Almost simultaneously she was also appointed as Assistant Professor purely on merit. She opted for the teaching profession.  She was lucky because the MPSC exam through which she was selected as SDC was re-conducted as per the verdict of the Apex Court.
Umpteen times we made a request to all our lawmakers and respected bureaucrats that as far as recruitment is concerned, let us not take bribes – let us make it a point that only deserving people are appointed or selected for various posts. Let us be more careful about the teachers’ appointments.  They are supposed to be the torchbearers of our future generation. Good teachers beget good students; good students mean a bright future.
We all know that leading a public life is expensive and people have high expectations from the leaders materially or otherwise. Gratitude money may be used and there are means and ways of earning gratitude money. Yes, of course earning gratitude money from Transfer/posting is not a heinous crime. Transfer-Posting is an area that can be logically exploited. But, certainly, recruitment must be kept clean.
An Hon’ble was offered gratitude money – it became a futile exercise because the revered Mango tree is not in favor of such things. These days it is difficult to move things without its blessings. The ‘Tree’ is so firm and adamant about merit-based appointments. These days’ results are based purely on merit. . Those who are in the merit list don’t need to worry – if they want to be doubly sure they may pay the gratitude money – but it will not be required. Some have paid but not selected – that means they are not in the merit list. Please redeem your gratitude money at the earliest and please get ready for the next round.
This government is extremely transparent – anybody can get the result sheets through RTI if he/she has the guts. This Government believes in meritocracy but not plutocracy or ‘money-tocracy’.  Hon’ble CM is openly saying “don’t give to MLAs and Ministers”. People must understand this.