The third ring in marriage is ‘Suffe-Ring’

Lunminthang Haokip
Contd from previous issue
FUTURE TENSE : Here lies the high-water mark of the bond of matrimony. The groom shall no more bank emotionally on his parents now that his better-half had arrived. The bride, on her part, is to notionally leave for ever the endearing people her heart-strings are attached to. A fountain of tear-drops gushes forth when she tries to reconcile to the distressing truth that henceforth, she’ll no more have fun-filled meals in the cosy company of the erstwhile family members, play around the familiar spots in her house of many sweet silly memories with cheerful brothers and sisters she’s so endearingly fond of or gossip away in gay abandon with the witty chatty friend next-door. To sadden her still, in being wedded to a new way of life, she doesn’t even know how her future will shape up with the guy she’s to cling on to for keeps.
THE RIGHT CHOICE : It is therefore absolutely necessary that children fear God and cast all the youthful burdens upon Him. If they don’t sort out problems and issues in time with doting daddy and mindful mummy, they are missing out on something they will regret later. They stand to gain much if they seek divine and parental consent before taking the risky plunge. No material comfort in the bride’s coming day can compensate for an affectionate adieu-bidding future-blessing send-off  by her home-folks before the D-day.
 Being prayed for by the Pastor before stepping out of her parental home as an invaluable blessing a bride can carry along to her future home.
GOD SEEST US: A rib was removed from Adam to bring to life the “bone of his bones”. But did he become weaker ? No. Did he lose anything ? No. Instead, he got back a “help meet” in flesh and blood. In order to be in the perfect will of God, you’ve got to take a firm stance for the Lord against the heathen norms people follow-to-sorrow in the name of tradition. If revealed, you may have to severe links with the soul-mates you’d been going rock-steady with. Kindred who are averse to the Truth may even plot to deny you the social privileges due to you . But no one sees better than the God who sees us (Gen. 16:13).
NO REWIND BUTTON: Cheerful endurance with eyes set on Jesus in the face of human persecution is the stuff our Lord rewards. If you hearken to the Word of God and shirk the voice of the world, you’ll be marked, isolated and brushed aside as an upstart and proselyte. But Jehovah rules here. If you humble yourself and get your sins covered, as implied in Psalm 32:1, He’ll help you recover lost ground. If you seek your partner through His guidance, you’ll ultimately make up for the loss, like Adam’s rib, with a bonus in the form of a superb soul-mate. Let’s make ‘marry in haste and repent at leisure’ a notional caution. Because life doesn’t have a rewind-button.
RESIST THE IRRESISTIBLE: The forbidden fruit looked like any other fruit but appeared irresistible to Eve and Adam because it was prohibited. So is elopement to the un-chastened adolescent. The first act of disobedience opened the eyes of the conscience of the fallen couple of Eden to their shame and grief, not to their honour and advantage as the devil foretold. So will wilful breaking of God’s wish in matters of matrimony. Elopement will open to one’s regret the eyes blinded by emotional love. ‘But a rose once bloomed, cannot shut and become a bud again!’
MALADY:  “Has thou eaten of the tree, whereof I commanded thee that thou should not eat? (Gen 3:11)”. God asked. He knows all our hidden sins but He will know them from us. Adam and Eve never repented. They just passed the buck on to others and to each other. So, cursed suffering came heavily upon their kind. The pronouncement in Gen. 3:16 multiplied suffering. The declaration in John 3:16 promises the remedial way out. And the assurance in 2 Tim 3:16 gives the clue to do away with the fallen nature of Eden. But alas! men had opted for other lethal 16s instead.
SECOND REPENTANCE: We grieve a gracious God when we slip unto the beguiling direction of elopement. The galloping act of perversity is an utter flop in God’s sight. Let us not add sin to sin by hoping to white-wash our bad deeds in a peculiarly secular “second marriage”. The harm has been done. Once bloomed, the rose can’t shut and become a bud again. When a product goes wrong, we take it back to the maker. Our Maker can surely repair a life gone haywire. A second-repentance, not second-marriage, will secure shaky-marriages. But if you make an honest confession, deeply repent and make suitable amends, the ever merciful God will certainly give you a “second lease of life of grace”. “He that covers his sins shall not prosper, but who so confesses and forsakes them shall have mercy (Prov. 28:13)”.
THE BEST RING: Yes, if marriages are made in heaven, we are expected to follow heavenly rules and adopt heavenly means that we may receive heavenly blessings. But there’s no blessing without suffering. Engagement-ring and wedding ring are good to heart-connect couples. But the best ring to keep the call for life-long commitment to each other ringing, in joy or sorrow, health or sickness and in plenty or poverty, till last-breath do the two apart, is taking part in the “fellowship of His suffe-ring( Phil 3:10”. It was the offering of the ‘suffering of Jesus’ on the cross that launched the ‘recovering’ process of human damnation.