Sunak is very close to me

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These days the internet, facebook, twitter, snapchat,  insta, whatsapp including tiktok is full of  Shri Narayan Murthy’s son-in-law’s success story. The world is told that he has become the Prime Minister of India’s retired Colonizers. Some have expressed their pleasure by saying that it is pure ‘karma’. According to your ‘karma’(work), you will get the ‘fall’ (result ). Great Britain handed over India to Indians in 1947  in a horrible economic condition. Today in 2022, Britishers handed over Britain to an Indo-Paki in a very bad economic condition. History repeats itself with a sadistic twist.
A popular joke (conversation between Sunder Pichai and his mother) has put the internet on fire in the entire sub-continent, it goes like this - ” Sunder Pichai‘s mother called up - "Look at that Rishi, Sunak uncle ka beta, 8 years younger to you, Britain ka  Pradhan Mantri ban gaya, aur tum sirf ek 100 Billion $ company ke CEO ho US mein.". Pichai, "Mom I can't replace Joe Biden. " Pichia’s mother, "Try kar beta, you can do it,tum koshish hi nahi karoge to kaise hoga." . He can't convince his mother but many Prime Ministers and Presidents are at risk now because Indian parents have changed the career goals of their kids.
My cousin is not in a position to convince his parents that he can’t do a Sunak in Malaysia; his parents don’t understand. However, it is a fact that people from India have become a threat to the political establishment of many countries. PM/Presidents are at risk . Now, Indian parents have already decided ultimate goals for the children.
Some 42 years ago, Sunak was born in Southampton, Hampshire, to Hindu parents of Indo-Pak-African origin,  attended  Winchester College, a boys'  boarding school, where he was head boy. He worked as a waiter in a restaurant in Southampton during his summer holidays. He studied Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at Lincoln College, Oxford. During his university time, he undertook an internship at Conservative Campaign Headquarters. He also got an MBA degree from Stanford University.
His father, Yashvir Sunak, was born and brought up in Kenya and is a practitioner in the National Health Service. His mother, Usha Sunak, born in  Tanzania, is currently the director and pharmacist at  Sunak Pharmacy in Southampton and has a degree from Aston. Rishi Sunak is the eldest of three children. His brother is a psychologist and his sister works in New York as chief of strategy and planning at the United Nations global fund for emergencies.
Rishi Sunak is a British politician who has served as Minister, Chancellor of the Exchequer, and now the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. He is Prime Minister of  Britain since 25 October 2022 and Leader of his Party from 24 October 2022. Sunak also served as Treasury Chief during Boris Johnson’s time. For the last seven years he has been a Member of Parliament for Richmond.
Rishi Sunak is the youngest Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. He is only 42 years old. Perhaps he is also the youngest Tory leader. He is the first British Prime Minister under King Charles II. Rishi is also the first non-white Prime Minister of Great Britain.
Sunak is a lucky man who has married a multi-millionaire wife Akshata Narayan Murthy. She is a British-based Indian businesswoman, fashion designer, and venture capitalist. She is the daughter of Shri Narayan Murthy, a billionaire (almost), the founder of Infosys.  Rishi, the British Prime Minister, and Conservative Party leader will always get solid backing from his wife and in-laws. His mother-in-law is also a millionaire. Akshata is among the  200 richest persons in the UK, with an approximate fortune of £750 million.
Modiji congratulated Sunak and conveyed through Twitter to all -  “ Glade to speak to Rishi Sunak today. Congratulated him on assuming charge as UK PM. We will work together to further strengthen our Comprehensive Strategic Partnership. We also agreed on the importance of early conclusion of a comprehensive and balanced FTA.” Sunak responded by expressing gratitude to Modi Sir and said that he is excited about what the two great democracies can achieve as they deepen their ties.
In their first conversation between Modi ji and Sunak ji – they started talking about the free trade agreement (FTA) between the two countries. FTA between India and UK is likely to be signed very soon. This agreement will bring out positive economic changes in both countries.  FTA was supposed to be signed between the two countries by Deepawali – but it could not be materialized because of political uncertainties and perhaps a lack of consensus.
I am so excited to share my happiness because the new prime minister of  Britain,  Shri Rishi Sunak, is very close to me and my family, he is actually my cousin’s father-in-law’s real second wife’s sister’s husband’s uncle’s neighbor’s former employer’s daughter’s husband. So, he is just like my brother.
“Success is a very relative term; if you are successful you will have more relatives”.