Thangjam Arunkumar stresses on role of both parents and teachers in producing well-rounded students

By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Nov 13: Thangjam Arunkumar, MLA Wangkhei Constituency has underscored the importance of capable parents, competent schools and society to create a superlative student community.
The MLA was speaking at the 5th Annual Day Function of Bubble Beats (pre-school and daycare) held at the Sangai Hall of Hotel Imphal today.
Speaking on the occasion, Thangjam Arunkumar asserted that the responsibility of moulding students into top-notch human beings should not be left solely on teachers or educational institutions. Entrusting teachers or schools alone to mould a student will erode the relation between the child and their parents, he added.
The concept of 'school' should begin at home, the MLA opined. Parents should inculcate a healthy relationship with their children and teach them about good manners and etiquette. These lessons coupled with the teachings from school would shape a child into a good citizen, he said. The MLA then stated that with changing times, there is a change in the way parents bring up their children. He spoke out against harmful trends such as feeding children junk food and introducing them to mobile phones as a source of entertainment.
Addressing teachers, he said that they must impart education in such a way that garners enthusiasm from children to attend school and learn their lessons.
RK Nisa, founder Bubble Beats also addressed the gathering and stated that children should be brought up in a natural environment. They should be treated with kindness and gently led into the right path, she added.
She then expressed gratitude towards the scores of parents who bestowed their trust upon Bubble Beats which has allowed the institution to flourish so far.
The event was also attended by Dr Binota Meinam, former chairperson,  Manipur State Commission for Women and Dr RK Pramodini, former principal TG Higher Sec School and president, Bubble beats Educational Trust.      
Numerous children presented cultural performances, dances, songs and a fancy dress program during the course of the function.