Protest staged demanding boundary dispute settlement

By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Nov 17: A sit-in protest was staged at Nongshum in Imphal East district yesterday demanding the settlement of the boundary dispute between Imphal East district and Kangpokpi district, Sadar Hills region.
The sit-in protest was jointly organised by Nongshum Yakairol Leishem Youth Club and Nongshum Development Committee.
The protestors used placards which read as 'Stop threatening the common people by those in SoO', 'Resolve the boundary dispute by forming a District Boundary Commission', 'Land of Imphal East should not be given to Kangpokpi district' etc.
Speaking at the sidelines, Nongshum Yakairol Leishem Youth Club Treasurer, Yumlemban Amarjit expressed concern over 'the alleged maps drawn by some individuals who have included the hills of Nongshum in Kangpokpi district, Sadar Hills region'.
'The villagers and elders have been safeguarding these hills for decades and it should be under Imphal East district', he added.
He raised suspicion that there is a high possibility that some individuals may forcefully take away the land of Nongshum village to include it in Kangpokpi district and Sadar Hills region.
If such arrangement comes into place, it may disrupt harmony among members of different communities, he opined.
Considering the seriousness of the matter, he urged the Government to resolve the boundary dispute at the earliest to maintain harmony and peaceful co-existence.