Swines killed

IMPHAL, Nov 17: Outbreak of an unconfirmed disease has killed swines at Langol Langthungching area Kangpokpi district, sources said.
Since the beginning of the first week of November, a total of 38 swines have fallen ill and died of the unknown disease.
One Gideon Keishing of Lanthungching village has lost 27 of 28 pigs.
6 pigs belonging to Lanthungching village chairman H Aleng Tangkhul and 5 belonging to one Roshni Ningshen have also died of the disease, said the sources.
Reportedly, experts of the Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Department had visited the village for inspection on November 14.
Not far from Imphal West district, Lanthung-ching is under Kangchup Geljang Block, Kangpokpi district.