The increasing craze for Govt jobs among the youth of India

Priyanka Saurabh
Contd from previous issue
There are a lot of lucrative opportunities for the person who is ready to work hard.
The mindset of our parents is the most important reason in our life. The parents of the present generation of students are very much obsessed with government jobs as these jobs were lucrative in their time. Also, due to the paucity of good private companies at that time, government jobs used to be a sigh of relief. The generality may sound harsh but most of the students in our country are indeed average or below average (partly, due to the old education system). For them, a government job is the safest job with a few months of hard work. So the top students (IITians/IIMians) generally do not prefer any government job except some creamy Group A jobs like IAS.
With the scrapping of the old pension scheme and some other benefits, I think the only advantage is the less workload of a government job over a private one. Well, many consider it as another supporter of a government job but I think it is a subjective matter. Therefore, it cannot be considered an advantage in the true sense.
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