The increasing craze for Govt jobs among the youth of India

Priyanka Saurabh
Contd from previous issue
That being said, if you are getting a good Group A or a good Group B government job, then surely this is a very good job for your lifetime. But the point to note here is that please do not run blindly after government jobs. There are a lot of lucrative opportunities for the person who is ready to work hard.
If you talk to a group of fresh graduates - men and women - about their job preferences and their dream jobs, you will be surprised to know that they all prefer any government job or government job. The youth know that government jobs are in high demand and also have goals. However, it does provide much-needed job security. It also offers a lot of benefits, even though the salary is less as compared to a similar job in the private sector. At the entry-level, the government servant gets the best salary. When it comes to maternity or other medical benefits, government jobs provide much-needed security. The importance of government jobs for the youth is their safety and security. The best part is that the state servants also get a pension for their retirement period.
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