The increasing craze for Govt jobs among the youth of India

Priyanka Saurabh
Contd from previous issue
A state employee gets better pay and other benefits like increments and incentives. Apart from this, medical allowance and other allowances like DA and HRA are higher for a public servant. The important thing is that if a state servant dies, a member of his family gets a job in the government. These good benefits attract the youth towards government jobs. Nowadays everyone prefers a government or government job instead of a private job. Because government job not only comes with good salary but also brings other benefits which will make you think why you should work in government sector. However, a middle-class family usually prefers a government job. Because government jobs have some benefits that the private sector does not provide, in this article, we have covered these benefits that make government jobs a priority to build your career. After completing graduation, many candidates are confused about choosing their job sector. He doubts what is best for building his career.
I think working hours are a plus point for preferring government jobs over private jobs. (To be contd)