The increasing craze for Govt jobs among the youth of India

Priyanka Saurabh
Contd from last Saturday
Government sector jobs have standard working hours, unlike the private sector, where even a college student can continue with his studies. And sometimes in private jobs, we have to work overtime for no benefit. Job security is the main advantage of government jobs. And in private, there is no job security. Whereas, there is very little chance that a government employee will lose his job. In most cases, an employee retains it when he is eligible for retirement. This type of benefit is available only in government sectors, so private sector employees are out like flies.
The next important factor is the salary structure, as it is an important factor for job seekers. After the implementation of the Sixth Pay Commission, the salary that a government employee gets is more than that of a private sector employee. I don't think it's enough for your better future. Publicity profit is also another important factor in the government sector. In government jobs, promotion is always based on how well you work and for how long.
(To be contd)