5G impetus : Infrastructure development

Col Atul Kumar
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(e)   Development toolkits – A variety of open source and proprietary technologies are used to give programmers a framework for building AR applications on the platform of their choice.
(ii)    Virtual Reality  (VR) Virtual reality is a completely immersive experience that replaces a real-life environment with a simulated one. VR technology, which fully exploits the potential of 5G, requires a high bandwidth and the lowest possible latency. with the help of 5G, it will provide users with entertainment with an unprecedented level of realism, making for incredible experiences.
(iii)   Advantages Advantages of adopting “AR and VR Technology ” in road construction activities are as under :-
(a) Project planning/preparation
(b) Monitoring real-time project data
(c) Streamlining processes
(d) Ensuring safety and improving workplace safety standards
(e) Creating a clear picture
(f) Staff training/safety training
(g) Remote maintenance
(h)Great team collaboration
(i) Simpler project modifications
(j)Speeding up sales cycle
(k) Labor shortage prevention
Works planning & Monitoring  
(i)     Recce survey & alignment - AR/VR immersive technology will give a major boost in terms of quantity/time & overall scope enhancement leading to quality control & quantity assessments.
(ii) LA & FC assessment preview by VR advantage
(iii)   Eqpt to Eqpt communication- Automation will have many advantages likely to avoid human errors.
(iv)   Quality
(v)    WMS software  -  5G can help with its high speed and low latency to operate WMS software. The 5G network will boost data updates and speed up construction activity report submission.
(vi)    Drawing & designing on cloud -           With the help of 5G drawings and designing of different structures became more easy and efficient, now for a high resolution 3d model rendering a high end device required. It is possible to replace this high-end device with cloud computing through 5G.
(vii)      Streaming VR Experiences  - We can now provide users a completely immersive video experience through high-quality video vr streaming that is currently almost impossible due to bandwidth and latency concerns.    
(viii) Augmented reality with 5G - AR is the overlay of 3D digital building or building component models embedded with data onto real-world sites. the idea is that augmented reality applications can provide a more accurate view of what will be built, including all layers of materials and installations that are often complex to understand through drawings. For this, 3D plans and even virtual model holograms are used to improve the understanding of the project and facilitate the execution of projects. and even during construction, the ability to see through walls and understand the path of the technical installations facilitates the process, reducing the possibility of errors.
(a) Man management
(i) 5G technology is useful for registration of service voters in the election commission.
(ii) 5G technology is useful in pay & allow systems.
(b) Procurement & Logistics
Benefits of 5G technology on procurement
(i) Logistics.   develop more accurate forecasts on when items will be shipped, predict and avoid potential delays ahead of time . improve unnecessary delay by providing live location updates of the orders . optimize transportation roots by utilizing artificial intelligence
(ii) Detailed product monitoring. detailed product monitoring is another key benefit of 5G.
(iii)   Inventory management.  5G can also change the way we operate inventory management. The same trackers and sensors used for transportation can be utilized for inventory management purposes.
5G technology allows you to expand your knowledge of inbound goods and inventory and by enabling advanced inventory monitoring, it helps make better use of resources.
(iv)   Supply management.  5G is expected to bring revolutionary changes to the way we manage our ss&tc. ar (augmented reality) is one the most impressive applications of 5G technology.
(v)   Automatization and IOT.  Many companies have already employed the internet of things technology (IOT) for automation purposes. 5G offers a digital infrastructure to support the public
(vi)  Real – time data sharing.  5G is especially useful for supply chains because of its capabilities to manage enormous amounts of data with speed and at scale. Because of its low latency, 5G allows us to get information as fast as a sensor defects it.
(c) Budgeting
BMS software - 5G can help with its high speed and low latency to operate BMS software. The 5G network will boost data updates and speed up Financial activity report submission.
At present innovations have played a major role in the progress of the construction industry, Government sectors have been slow to adopt new technologies.
Implementations of smart methods by using the 5G Technology mechanism. (AR/VR tech) etc is the one of the ways to achieve enhancement Road construction activities.