Faster than the blink of an eye 2022 is fast winding up

Faster than the blink of an eye. A figure of speech used quite commonly to put in a total of 365 days in as few words as possible and perhaps no other time is as opportune as the moment to reflect on 2022, which will come to an end in just two weeks time. Did the days really go faster than the blink of the eye or is this a reflection of ‘take each day as it comes’ ? This is best left to the readers to decide which line would be more apt for them, but the fact is, in a few days time the world will be bidding goodbye to 2022 and heralding the dawn of 2023, a New Year ! Many would step into the New Year, still just about recovering from the FIFA World Cup while to others it could be more about reflecting on the changes the world has seen in the last 365 days. To an equal number, it could also be about sticking to the line, ‘Thank God the FIFA World Cup is not held every year for that could have meant losing the opportunity to watch, arguably the biggest spectacle on the earth, the event for two years, for Covid was at its peak in 2020 and 2021’. The probabilities are many but this is how the human mind mostly works, looking at the ‘what if,’ and miss seeing ‘what is.’ The Sangai Festival came back after a two year hiatus and so too did the Shirui Lily Festival and so too was the Barak Festival. Not exactly advocating that one should remember 2022 as the year of comebacks of the festivals,  but to many the year which is about to pass mankind will be recalled as that year when mankind managed to return to their normal life as before. Say Amen to that and let this moment be for mankind to unitedly make a stand to be on better guard when the next pandemic hits everyone. Even as 2022 is progressing towards its last days, this is also the time for everyone to remember that in times, such as the one wreaked by the pandemic, it takes only a small  virus, so small that it cannot be sighted with the naked eye, to bring man to his knees. If at all there is a lesson to be learnt then this should be it. As pointed out in a few days 2022 will be over and even as the world bids goodbye to the days which collectively made up the outgoing year, it is time to acknowledge that the world today needs collectivity and not divisiveness.
Even as the year is coming to a close, let this also be the time, especially for the people of Manipur to come to the point that if there is any important lesson which should be picked up, then it is knowing how to celebrate. For too long Manipur has reeled under patterns of behaviour and its consequences just because people do not seem to understand that celebrating should also come with its share of responsibility. Such a mindset came out in all its ugly manifestation not so long back, when people did not seem to know if they were celebrating or were plainly at their most boorish behaviour. The festival will not be named here for hurting anyone is not in line with this column, but take a look back at the number of festivals Manipur celebrated during the days that have gone by. This is the best moment to reflect on this for such an act of self study would be good for all. Wait for a few days more and Christmas would be upon all and so too would New Year. Are the people of Manipur ready to celebrate with a sense of responsibility is a question that comes to mind and perhaps no other time would be more relevant than now. In just a few days time, the going FIFA World Cup would be over and in line would be Christmas and New Year. Would Manipur want to see more days of boorish behaviour of some section or should everyone here know what celebrating a festival is all about. Learn some lessons from the Japanese fans at Qatar during the World Cup is one line that comes to mind here.