Christmas – A fest of peace and joy


Mawia Misao
December 25, known and celebrated universally as the festival of Christmas is a beacon of peace, joy and happiness for all men of good will. It’s in that sprit the world has come to recognize the significant and profound meaning of giving, sharing and loving. Christmas values are rekindled by both, family and individuals giving new meaning to family bonds and values through expression of love and service. To give and to share has no barriers or limitation regardless of the society we live in.
All of us are born equal, but circumstances leads us to our individual destinies. yet in a relentless effort to script our success, we have all but forgotten those unfortunate people left out in this mad race. Is this become most of us are too self –centered? Do Christmas values have significance only at Christmas time? However, if we only pause to look around, we will discover to our surprise, that in a fast moving and rapid changing ‘dog-bite-dog’ world there are thankfully, some islands of hope of love and of concern for the have not’s and for the economically weaker section of our society.
This post- modern psyche of the Christmas carol will be seized upon by critics who deplore the commercialization of the yuletide season. True, the jingle bells association with X-mas are increasingly associated with the chimes of cash registers ringing up sales, as santa goes laughing ‘HO,HO,HO’ ………….all the way to the bank. Christmas has become a money-spinning industry, thanks to greeting cards, gifts, get –together and other bells and crackers of celebration.
No doubt, Christmas symbolizes the true essence of love –an occasion where giving is more pleasurable than receiving, when joy and good cheer penetrate every heart and home and happiness reigns sumpreme.The question that begs an answer is should such happiness be a one day annual event, or can we stretch the felling of Christmas to last the whole year. My answer is an empathetic ‘YES’, no matters what or who I am? ‘we must do this now else never’.  So, all of us young and old alike poor and rich, have a duty to give, to share and to heed the call of the less unfortunate of our churches, society, nation’s and the whole world.
Therefore Christmas is a time of many gifts and greatest of those gift is Christmas itself which bring us all together to rejoice in our common joys and cares.