The man who took Sangai Festival to international fame under One-ness of Manipur

Thangminlen Kipgen
Nothing puts a spotlight on India’s cultural and spiritual ties with nature more than the Manipur Sangai Festival. Named after the State animal, Sangai, the brow-antlered deer found only in Manipur, this festival is one of the most anticipated and colorful cultural extravaganzas of India.
Thanks to the efforts and the comprehensive vision of the Manipur Government under the able leadership of Chief Minister N Biren Singh that, two years after the COVID-19 pandemic we celebrated the Manipur Sangai Festival 2022 with much fervor. In a nutshell, this year Sangai festival celebration is the grandest ever beating the pomp and pageantry of all previous years’ celebration since its inception in the year 2010. I am hopeful that the message and cultural festivity will spread everywhere.
In fact, N Biren Singh is the only Chief Minister in the history of the State who took it upon himself the challenges and tasks of making Manipur Sangai Festival great in the true spirit of ‘Festival of One-ness’. We are truly appreciative of his never ceasing tasks just to make sure that this Government of the people works on behalf of the many, not just the few. We can say with renewed confidence that under his leadership every community of the State find identity and resonance.
Aside from this year high profile visits from foreign dignitaries including Ambassadors and High Commissioners of Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, one brilliant idea of Hon’ble Chief Minister is the construction of traditional huts of all tribes in Manipur at the Sangai Ethnic Park at Moirang Khunou where confluence of indigenous cultures & traditions of Manipur ethnic tribal can be witnessed, which no other Chief Minister has done since the beginning of Sangai festival.
True to its name, the Sangai festival as one of the biggest festivals of the North Eastern States offers a plethora of events to attend. True to its theme, this year celebration was a State-wide effort. It ensured participation from all the communities of the State, from the Nagaland border to the Myanmar border, making the events more remarkable for visitors. It is worthwhile to note that the phenomenal theme ‘Festival of Oneness’ wasn’t termed for no reason. It imbibes a sense of oneness and harmony in the society.
When too many of our earlier Chief Ministers have let us down the years, CM N Biren Singh exceeded all our expectations. The achievements we have had witnessed in this year Sangai Festival are a testament to the courage, selflessness and team work of various State Government departments under his able leadership. Imagine what we could accomplish if we followed his example.
Together, we offer a proud salute to the honourable Chief Minister of Manipur N Biren Singh under whom every walk of lives and fellow citizens of our State and across the country witnessed and experienced the grandest festival -the Sangai Festival in unison. With celebrations of this fervency, the itch to wait for next year’s Sangai Festival will be deeply ingrained in our lives. Pu Biren, may you live long.
The writer is information secretary Thadou Inpi General Headquarters