Health Technology: Can it just enable or completely solve health issues?

Dr Sumedha Kushwaha
Technology can be an enabler or a solver of very many problems that face humans, the pandemic not only taught us a different way of looking at problems, it also taught a varied way at looking through solutions. Public health policy teaches something called the window of opportunity, which is exactly that moment when change happens after a long time due to any reason in the political system. The pandemic gave technology an opportunity to flourish as a beautiful medium of health care delivery system.
The world today is as small and as big as your computer screen. The 21st century has seen an upsurge in technological advancement, which has brought a significant ease of access to a number of facilities, making things more affordable and accessible to the common man. Health is an important aspect of human development. With the evolution of all things around us, the way health care is now delivered, also differs abundantly from the past.
With digitalization, healthcare system is one of the key areas which has seen tremendous growth.Advancements in science and technology have helped in bringing down the critical gap between the patient and a physician with the help of teleservices, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, mobile health (mHealth), wearable devices, electronic health records etc,
A patient can easily reach out to the services, discuss their health-prevention and management of a condition without actually paying a visit, which would not only cut on various costs but also save loads of time in today’s busy world.Having the internet of things combined with artificial intelligence has given an edge to the medical sciences as the user can track and record basic vitals and save them online, which at the time of need sure does come handy.
Digital healthcare, making it possible for millions of people to access medical services online at their own convenience. They can consult, clarify and question the medical practitioners of their choice, make amendments in medication, diet, exercise without having to pay a visit- saving them ample time, effort and money. These platforms have also helped reduce the burden on healthcare professionals, hence, aiding them to expand their reach, reduce inefficiencies and boost performance. Various platforms are already in the game, providing prescribed medication at doorstep, fixing appointments, video consultations, etc.
Digital healthcare has an immense potential to serve the people and bring about a significant change in healthcare systems across the world, for the better.For people who are open to change, not averse to technology can make best from the umpteen benefits from the vast resources of the digital health initiatives and products available for free or at a low cost.
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