Kang Tumit Phao Pairoi prognosis Unprincipled lot

Kang Tumit Phao Pairoi. Translate this into English and these four words lose its sting, for literally it would amount to saying,“Even mosquitoes would not buzz around there” and herein lies the bite and beauty of a language which is Meiteilon or Manipuri in this case. Former Chief Minister O Ibobi surely knows how to deliver his talk and make it hit the target with deadly accuracy. Not suprisingly the four words were said in reference to the BJP, which is in its second consecutive term in office. As a man who headed the Congress Government for 15 years on the trot, the former Chief Minister  will know the hurly burly world of politics and how power and how to be in the seat of power is central to all politicians, forget one’s belief in the ideology and style of functioning of the party in power. The former Chief Minister will also know what engineering defections is all about for it is there on record to show how the Congress  went from the 42 seats it captured in the 2012 Assembly elections to 47 in no time.  How true the former Chief Minister’s prognosis will turn out to be is a matter of speculation, but don’t be surprised if this turns out to be true under the rider that the BJP loses power both at New Delhi and at Imphal. Says something profound but lest it be forgotten, party hopping is a malaise that haunts almost all those who come under the garb of politicians and it is only a few who have made a name for themselves for sticking to the party of their belief. It is not without reason why the Manipur People’s Party (MPP) was synonymous with veteran O Joy for decades. As things have turned out, the party hopping bug too bit the veteran political figure and today he is no longer with the MPP, having jumped from the BJP and then the Congress. The late Rishang Keishing also comes to mind, especially during his stint as the lone Opposition MLA (Congress), before President’s Rule was imposed at the beginning of the new millenium. For years the CPI too was identified with the late Ph Parijat of Lamlai Assembly Constituency and for some time with Kumbi Mangi. That the latter gentleman switched side later is there for all to see and this certainly went some significant way in sealing the fate of the Left party in Manipur. Power and by extension the party which is in power at New Delhi has always been the deciding factor in deciding which party comes to power at Imphal. A case fit for any research student in politics to base his or her study and this is definitely not over stretching things.
When it rains in Delhi, open the umbrella at Imphal. This in effect was what the former Chief Minister was alluding to and this is what is interesting for O Ibobi must surely be speaking from experience and the lessons that he had picked up in his long years as a political leader. Power. This is what is central to all the political leaders in Manipur and while there is nothing wrong in going after power, there must at least be a thin dividing line between being voted to power and grabbing power by whatever means one can lay hands on, particularly by changing one’s political affiliations. This was the reason why Manipur saw so many disqualification case after the 2017 Assembly elections. No reason not to believe that the same script will not be repeated. This is a point which The Sangai Express had touched earlier drawing comparison between what was witnessed at Goa when an elected MLA first resigned from the Assemly, resigned from the party on which ticket he was elected and then switched side to another party to come roaring back to power.  This was sometime in 2016 and came before the circus that one saw after the 2017 Assembly election here in Manipur. The former Chief Minister may have delivered an important insight on what power means to politicians and it may be said that he was speaking from experience. Remains to be seen but it would be interesting to see how true the bold prognosis of O Ibobi would be if the BJP is voted out of power at New Delhi anytime in the coming years.