Covid scare from across the world Call for new normal still stands

One cannot be too careful for it stands that sooner or later the virus will land here. Manipur certainly cannot afford to forget the devastation caused by the Delta variant of the coronavirus in the second wave of the pandemic and no one would like to see a repeat of those days. Like all the newspaper houses in Imphal, The Sangai Express was also hard pressed to give the latest statistics to the readers the next morning and one can still recall the days when most of the reporters worked from home, meaning most of the reports were filed from home. The Nationwide lockdown obviously did not apply to the newspaper boys and girls and so it was that even at the height of the second wave, when the daily number of deaths hit the two digit figure and the daily tick of new infections were mostly in three figures, though there were many days when it touched the four figure mark, that those engaged in the task of disseminating information to the public were engaged with their work. Duty calls, was the one line dictum for all those assigned the task of bringing the day’s information to the house of each subscriber early in the morning. The distributors too did not shy away from the call of duty and religiously made sure that the day’s paper did reach all the subscribers every day without fail. Circulation did hit a new low during the peak of the pandemic as inter-district buses and taxis remained off the road, and to the credit of the management section, there was no such thing as lay offs, a trait that had become quite common during the height of the pandemic in the big cities across the country. No one would like to see a repeat of those days and this is where it becomes important for everyone to remember that it never hurts to be extra vigilant and be very, very careful. Given that the virus is surging in some countries, notably China, Japan, Brazil and the United States, it would not be long before the virus lands here and this is where it becomes very important for everyone to stick to the Covid protocol. Always wear a face mask while out in the public space, stay away from crowded places, always wash one’s hands thoroughly with soap and water or with a hand sanitiser and yes get vaccinated. It was in line with the irrefutable point that the virus cannot be kept away, that mock drills were conducted at all the district hospitals and other major hospitals across the State on December 27. The spirit of conducting the mock drill should not be lost on anyone and it was with a reason why Prime Minister Narendra Modi advised all States to be on the ready to face any eventuality.
The virus has just been keeping low. It can and will mutate and try to find its way through all man made barricades. This is the bare fact and while this should not be any reason to press the alarm button, it never hurts for everyone to be on the vigil and follow the guidelines. The pandemic has already cost the people a lot, with some losing their near and dear ones, with many orphaned and many losing their children to the virus. Manipur would certainly not want a repeat of the disastrous second wave of the pandemic and there is obviously no sign that the virus has been contained. Follow the advisories religiously. The call for the new normal still stands and given the lethality of the virus, the call for the new normal should not be such a tough act to follow. Manipur would certainly not want to see any more addition to the number of lives lost to the virus. The best way forward would be for everyone to stick to the guidelines of WHO and endorsed by the Indian Council of Medical Research and implemented by the different State Governments. Get vaccinated, stay away from crowds and yes maintain physical distancing. These calls still stand and it should not be such a tough act to follow. The Government too should ensure that all hospitals are well equipped to deal with any exigency. No one knows how the virus will behave but at stake here is human lives and this is the reason why nothing should be left to chance.