Mizoram CM seeks UN action to contain drug trafficking from Myanmar


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AIZAWL, Dec 31
To curb the illegal drugs trafficking and smuggling of various contraband goods from Myanmar, Mizoram Chief Minister Zoramthanga has urged the UN to take proactive steps on the issue.
He said that drugs trading and poppy cultivation that has been going on in Mynamar is being smuggled to Mizoram and the Government of Mizoram is facing big challenges of drug trafficking in the State.
He said that Mizoram now needs the help of Indian Givernment and the UN to tackle the issue.
Zoramthanga, who had written several letters and spoke to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah urging them to provide relief, aid and asylum to the Myanmar Nationals as the State Government was facing a finan- cial crisis to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic and related problems, said that despite being a small State, Mizoram is providing relief and shelter to the Myanmar and Bangladeshi Nationals without any assistance from the Central Government.
The Mizoram Government and other organisations including Churches and NGOs have not only been giving food, shelter and other assistance to the Myanmar refugees, but the State Government has also been providing teaching to their hundreds of children, the Chief Minister said.
Due to the conflict between the underground outfits and the Bangladesh police and armed forces, the refugees from that country took shelter in Mizoram, he said, adding that the opposition parties are fully coope- rating with the State Government in handling the refugee issues.
The Chief Minister said that after dealing with Covid-19 pandemic in which thousands of people were infected and hundreds of them died, the Mizoram Government is now facing the big challenge of the refugee issue.
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