Lamka Ultimate Fight Night debut with a bang

Our Correspondent
CCPUR, Dec 30 : Churachandpur’s maiden ultimate fight event concluded last night before a packed audience at Churachandpur College auditorium with 22 professional fighters gunning for a win amid the chilling winter.
The Ultimate Fight Night saw 11 matches that also involved 4 female fighters. The fight that began at 5 pm lasted for 4 hours with high-pitched matches heralding the debut event.
The Lamka Ultimate Fight Night event was presented by ‘Lamka Ultimate Mixed Martial Arts & Fitness Club' and jointly Organized by Lamka Core and ‘91 Lamka, in association with Churachandpur Government College.
The 22 professional fighters were drawn from Lamka Ultimate Mixed Martial Arts & Fitness Club, Klya Mixed Martial Arts, Aztech Gym (Imphal) and Genesis Gym who competed for top honours in different weight categories - 52kg, 56kg, 60kg, 61kg and 65kg.
Each match consisted of 3 rounds of 3minutes each and results were announced at the end of the 3rd round to facilitate swift medal distribution to the winners.
The event saw 9 regular matches with one co-main event and one main event. The co-main event was fought between ‘Khualkhoson’ and a recent National Mixed Martial Arts Champion ‘Satgunhao’. The entire 3 rounds were filled with a powerful display of skills and muscle strength before Satunhao emerged the winner.
The most anticipated and the grand finale ‘Main Event’ bout featured  Thiaumuanlal and Gaichangpou. The match kicked off with Thiaumuanlal displaying his martial arts skills with his superb kicks and leg movements while Gaichangpou calmly defended himself and stood his ground throughout the round.
The second round began with both fighters attacking each other with all their might. While Thiaumuanlal continuously swung his hands Gaichangpou calmly but firmly knocked him down with a power punch on the chin.
The third round continued with even swifter moves from both fighters which was warmly received by the crowd roaring at the top of their voices. Thiaumuanlal eventually emerged victorious in the main event.
Earlier in the day, a mini-marathon run organized by Eimi UK under the banner - Churachandpur Run 2022 was kick-off at Lamka Public Ground and concluded at the same venue after runners in 2 categories covered 5 and 10 kms respectively.
The marathon run was organized with the theme “Cleaner, Greener & Healthier Home town” by Eimi United Kingdom. It is the second edition of the marathon as a similar event was conducted prior to the Covid pandemic in 2019.
K Bikram Meitei claimed the top spot in the men’s category with Thangminlal Haokip and Sanglalrem trailing him in the second and third spot. In the women’s category, Chingngaihmuan Tangpua out-run others to claim the top spot. Hoichiin and D Lhingneihoi Haokip claim the second and the third spot respectively.