Witty words

M Minakshi Devi
An arrow in flight, from a bow that was shot,
Can never be seized back to put back to its source.
Words once voiced, thus,
Can never be fetched back by any force.
Human tongue is the weapon that often yields sharp words,
Though it doesn have any blunt or sharp teeth.
Might of its bite, but, can clutch a soul’s steady breath.
The tongue has might to bite and bleed a heart,
That hurls sharp words alike a knife,
For a heart to get hurt.
The weapon can bring about adversity or humility
When used against modesty in humanity.
But, the tongue has skill too to step up a spirit,
Slung to a soul that silky words full of merit.
Views voiced on cold or hot issues if sounds musical,
Seek that to heal wounded souls or to mend guilty minds,
The views sound, even if, illogical or sophistical.
Oh! People, for all the best,
Can’t we be sensible on public sentiments
And tame the weapon wisely,
So as to check it from shooting bullet words wildly?
Can’t we bid to be sweet- tempered
Whilst playing with words against friends or foes?
For harmony and symphony in a society,
Witty words solicit to cause.