Next Covid variant may be more dangerous than Omicron : Scientists


New Delhi, Feb 14
Scientists have warned that the next Covid variant may be more dangerous than Omicron. These scientists have cautioned against letting the guard down. The warning has come even as countries around the world gradually seek to relax Covid curbs and travel restrictions.
Prof Mark Woolhouse, of Edinburgh University said that it is not known where in the family-trees of coronavirus will the next variant come from.
“The Omicron variant did not come from the Delta variant. It came from a completely different part of the virus’s family tree. And since we don’t know where in the virus’s family tree a new variant is going to come from, we cannot know how pathogenic it might be. It could be less pathogenic but it could, just as easily, be more pathogenic,” he said. He was quoted by The Guardian.
“People seem to think there has been a linear evolution of the virus from Alpha to Beta to Delta to Omicron,” he told the Observer. “But that is simply not the case. The idea that virus variants will continue to get milder is wrong. A new one could turn out to be even more pathogenic than the Delta variant, for example.” he said as quoted by The Guardian.
Though citizens may have shown aversion to further undergo coronavirus restrictions, decisions towards lifting of all curbs is also drawing criticism from sections of British society.
There are growing demands for Chris Whitty and Patrick Vallance, the Government’s most senior advisers on Covid to present evidence if any, to back decision to end pandemic restrictions.