Peace,Where Are You ?

Dr Ranbir Laishram
Oh ! sweet peace
I know you so well
You won’t come back
Still I long for you
I humbly crave for you everywhere
For it is what I wish
A want from my heart
For, I had your taste decades back.
Time has changed
 People have changed
 Society has changed
 From simple natural livelihood
 To bustling, hard life
 From humility to ego and greed
 Where you can’t exist anymore
I know, it is no fault of yours
Some left you
Some betrayed you
Some expect you amid abundance
But, unless one seeks within himself
One can’t find you in outside world
And simply you won’t come back.
For me, you are so dear
I wish you were close to my heart
Although you are far away...
I keep thinking of you
Mindful of self, sitting alone in solitutde
I enjoy the days of yore
Where we two sat together and chat
To our heart’s content
Right there only, Peace flows into me
I find you in my world.