After The Rain

Minakshi Devi
Life’s journey mine, so far so fine
Seems now crawling through a stormy rain.
My slack soul gets fill with stress , anguish and pain,
Flowing those fast through my mind and vein.
Awaits tensed, longing for the storm and thunders to fade.
Everything messy as they have made,
Me to revamp to a roamer in its dark shade.
Sun shines, but, naturally again after the phase of rain.
All my fleeted pleasure, fairly I am going to gain.
As usual, spooky storm that eventually elapsed
Awoke me in aspiration, forced out of its forlorned trap,
For the journey, to resume it
Under the sunlight with replenished power
And for way to goal, for way to glee
I will have to rise to the occasion to raise its roadmap.