Ugly stand offs, confrontations Dignified approach of NPF

Obvious that the attention of the people, meaning the voters, is on the verbal duel and war of words between the BJP and the Congress and there is nothing surprising about this. War of words before any election is a given and may even measure up to the understanding of election under democracy, especially elections as understood in the context of India. What however has come as some sort of a surprise is the war of words between allies in the Government, the BJP and the NPP. It has even gone beyond verbal duel with the father of an NPP candidate hurt in firing. Let the differences continue at the level of verbal exchanges, for this may be taken as debates or even arguments, but when guns start doing the talk and supporters of rival candidates start targeting each other even with the use of fire arms then there is something seriously wrong. This is the point and it should not be lost on anyone. So while at one end it has been one of confrontations between allies in Government the BJP and the NPP, on the other side it has been a case of verbal debates between the BJP and the Congress on the other. Going hammer and tongs against each other is understandable and acceptable but when either side starts punching below the belt then the need for the referee to step in becomes important. And this is where people need to be very clear in defining that they are the referees and not the political parties and their supporters. The police and the law enforcing agencies are at best there as crisis management agencies and not the mover or otherwise of the series of confrontations between supporters of different candidates and political parties. And lest anyone forgets, let it also be very clear that once the election is over, the candidates themselves will forget the differences between them and it is only those who were injured or died who will be left to lick their own wounds. In short let common sense prevail.  Amid the verbal diatribes that one sees between the different political parties, what has come as some sort of a welcome reprieve is to see the conduct of the Naga People’s Front, so far. Please note the stress on the last two words, so far. So even as the NPP and the BJP have been going at each others’ throat literally and metaphorically, the NPF has been maintaining a dignified silence and going about with its task of sensitising the people to its agenda.
Perhaps there is a lesson to be learnt from the NPF, the headquarters of which is based at Kohima. This is not the time to indulge in tom foolery and trying to go one up by stepping on the head of the other, is a one line statement delivered by the NPF so far. It has not wasted its time, resources and energy on picking holes with any other political party or candidate but is focused on spelling out its agenda for the people they claim to represent-the Nagas. This is taking politics to a new height much above the mud slinging and third rate way of trying to catch the attention of the voters by running down others and even intimidating them with sheer muscle power. Let this be a lesson to everyone concerned. Obviously the last word is yet to be said for there are still some days for voting day to be held and in between anything may happen. However let it be clear, that the NPF, its candidates and its supporters have so far laid down some points  which every other political parties ought to follow. Sell your agenda to the people, to the people whose votes matter but in the process don’t let it go down to the level to belittling anyone or any political party. This should be the bottomline for every political party. How many amongst the candidates who will face the verdict of the voters on February 28 have primed themselves up for this is the question. Next obviously will be on March 5 when the second phase election is held.