War and Peace in the “Jewelled Land “

Dr Ranbir Laishram
Oh,My brethren !!
We need no arms,
We need no fight,no war,
We need peace, love and humility,
For, it is not a battlefield.
It is just choosing your sensible leaders,
And also we are all siblings of the same ancestors...

The people’s fury over election,
The dictates of the fake leaders,
The burning desire of leaders to win,
The ruthless greed to grab power,
And to hold a position,
The desire to demolish the opponent,
Where humility has been kept aside
Are they not like you, a human inside ??
When the sun has gone to his home,
And the world is quiet and silent,
In the dead of the night,
When your movements are invisible,
Blinded by Drugs and money power,
And sensible mind overpowered by greed,
With a motive to revenge,
Mow down opponents with guns,
Are you doing justice to your own sibs ??
If they harm you in return,
Will you ever accept it?
Don’t invite violence,
For violence has no sense.
Let the people decide their own ballots.
Hate no more,Hate no one.
Coz, you are also like them;
The same human inside.
Let not the election fever engulf you.
Before retiring to bed
Just lie down quietly on you bed
Be with your own inner self
Introspect your doings and desires
Ask yourself one simple question -
Am I doing justice to my inner soul ??
For whom am I fighting ??
For what am I fighting with arms ??
Is it my loss or loss of the so called master
Who is dwelling safely inside a forte,
Unaware and protected ...??