Do We Call It Democracy !

Dr Ranbir Laishram

Democracy is said to be -
A Government for the people
by the people of the people
An organisation on behalf of all the people,
According to their “will”
A system controlled by the majority...

Democracy -
Helps citizens to choose their leaders
Provides equal rights among citizens irrespective of caste, religion and sex.
Enhances the quality of decision-making and also improves the dignity of citizens.

The bare truth, the ground reality
No one respects human value
Integrity is difficult to find among leaders
Trust, humility and justice are nowhere ...
Right to free speech is restrained
Rule of law in hands of autocrats...
Do we call it democracy ?

Yes, Leaders talk of -
Transparency and corruption free governance
A humble soul, toiled years long
Every cell of his blood stained
with party symbol and principle
Closer comes the election
A declaration deprived him of his long awaited dream...
Although majority supports his candidacy
Do we call it democracy ?