What is it that people want ? Set down the agenda

The important question is, what is it that the people really want from their representatives ? Should it be a case of the elected deciding what the people want or the representative doing what the people say they want ? Is it a case of the people identifying themselves with the ideology or intended course of action of the elected representative or is it a case of the elected representative following the agenda set down by the people ? No easy answer here but about time such posers are raised by the people, and given the way the place has been administered and managed down the decades, it should be more than clear that it is more a case of the electors, the people adjusting themselves to the fancy and whims of the elected and this is where lies the biggest responsibility of the people. Time that people start laying down the agenda, spelling out what it is that they want from their representative. Given the condition in which the State has been all these years and decades, it is fairly easy to fathom what it is that people would want. In most cases, it is as something as basic as regular power supply, safe drinking water supply, safe law and order, motorable roads-where roads do not become dusty when it does not rain and when it does not become slushy when it rains and yes a clean Government where merit is recognised and given due recognition and not a system which promotes only those who know how to ‘please’ the powers that be. These are some examples that immediately come to mind and there is nothing extraordinary in expecting such things from the elected representatives and it is only when these points are laid down in black and white that those opting to join the election fray will give these basic but fundamental points some thoughts. And the process of electing those who have the best interest in their minds should start now. As the popular saying goes, ‘A people get the type of Government, they deserve,’ it is time that the people lay down the agenda and decide what type of Government they want and this can come about only when they elect the right candidate. Raise the right questions and don’t take everything that is spewed as the golden truth, for it is this culture which has been dogging Manipur for decades and the result is there for all to see on the roads and leiraks and leikais of Manipur.
It was along this line that the State BJP had some time back declared that it would seek the opinion of the people while preparing its election manifesto. Nothing has been heard since then and one is left wondering whether any inputs have been submitted or not. This question is most relevant to the numerous civil society organisations which have been raising several points which they are convinced are for the benefits of the State and the people. Have their demands or points been submitted ? No one knows at the moment, and this is where it would be interesting to read the election manifesto of the State BJP when it comes out. Seal one’s fate for the next five years, this is the bottomline and it is extremely important for everyone to keep this in mind while deciding which candidate to vote for when the day of reckoning comes. So far all the political parties have talked about urging the Centre to get the Armed Forces Special Powers Act repealed from the region, if they come to power. This sounds impressive and one hopes this is not just a ploy to win over the hearts and minds of the people but is a sincere understanding of the pulse beat of the people. As the party heading the Government both at Imphal and New Delhi, this is where it would be interesting to see where the BJP stands on this point. It is also time for the people to demonstrate that in as much as the election is about electing their next representative, it is also about sealing their fate for the next five years.