Nature's Melody

M Minakshi Devi
All the tall trees swaying, dipped in a green dye.
Gust of wind making them bow to the blue sky,
Knitting their beautiful branches in a tight tie,
Standing with pride under the blue, us to share cheer,
Where a sweet silent melody of Nature fills the air.
I would like to taste each treasure, its tax free view,
Those await our applause whilst arising  in queue.
I wouldn’t like to have a second to spare
To see the magical mist shine in its spherical drop
And the Earth’s lavish luxuries those luminate its large top.
 Nature’s marvellous majesty, nothing sort of a mystery
Where pines and deodars woven fine, in a tapestry.
A taste of Nature’s beauty, so enchanting ,
Echoes  of rustling all around hills,leaves every heart dancing.
Time to time, Nature activates avenging arms or awakes amazing charms,
So striking and suggestive in silence,
As if says, to swim in my sea of nectar,
Live with me in my friendly alliance.