Memories of Yaoshang

M Minakshi Devi
Refreshing season, the Spring is back,
Accompanying memories of the Holi, for merry to make,
Assuring joy to kids and youngs whilst the festival of colours break.
Memorializing I that night my days bygone,
We kids when smeared colours onto faces with love, in fun,
Rushed when we to partake sports in neighbouring ground,
Jumped how we 'Thabal' hand -in -hand amidst adults,
How unrhythmically, but, in tune with the drum's beating sound,
When we roamed around in jolly for 'Nakatheng'
From door to door, from lane to lane
To hijack purse or traffic for coins, alike acts of a gang.
Oh! What exciting days those were, we without fear
Rejoiced with sports, 'Thabals' with folks,
Splashed colours to every peer to share cheer.
Indeed, it was the festival of colours filled with good-will and vivacity,
A celebration that spreads essence of solidarity in society.
It was time then to splash ' Gulal' of our choice,
To run and play under the sun, for prize,
To dance hand- in- hand under the 'Tha' to rejoice.
On the occasion of such celestial celebration,
May the Almighty showers blissful blessing, for goodluck,
Upon the people of Dynamic Kangleipak.