Deceit in Friendship

M Minakshi Devi
Soaked in friend’s fortune, hands stained with the victim’s blood,
With whom he once shared pretentious swim in love’s flood,
At the next dawn,he came close to a fat friend elsewhere,
With promise to tie up friendship,very near and dear,
Acting as if he was there for a love trade,
As a bosom friend of grand grade,
Concealing the true side of his devilic dice.
Forged he a false tight friendly tie.
Naturally, but, when the friend felt shaky and sleepy at dusk,
Got he ready to embark upon his treacherous task,
In disguise of a wary night-watchman,
Hiding his real face of poisonous phony,
Kept on he to suck the friend’s guarded honey.
Engaged himself to exploit the innocent being all night.
Left the victim lean and thin at dawn,
When a fatter prey came to his sight.
Oh! Let me remind-
In need, a true friend feeds and gets fed.
Let’s recall- “A friend in need is a friend indeed”.